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BEC is a 'Disgrace' - ICC

This week we asked our Facebook followers (The ICC) about their views on the performance of BEC and they had no sweet words to describe BEC
By Staff Writer Tue 01 Sep 2015, 09:53 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: BEC is a 'Disgrace' - ICC

Thato Chilume: Malepa system is not such an upgrade if it's the one causing the delays, they should just use the old system. Yaone Lloyd Tidimane: The service is beyond poor. This is the kind of thing we don't expect from a country (if I may) that is promising a more developed nation, when they can't even get this right.. It's a shame.

Monametsi Malokwane: Really Botswana's service delivery is very poor, even though ba nna ba opela ka yone, e palla le bone ba ba buang ka yone mo ba pateletsang system wa modimo o a dirang se ba batlang a se dira.
Bernard Kgololo: this whole thing ya bone ya gore the delay is caused by a new software or system to is just an excuse gape it seems like ga ba na forward thinking.  If this excuse is true why did they not inform the public gore nyaa bagaetsho re dirisa maranyane a masha janoong se se ka na sa baka tiego
Phemelo Tsietsi Gaopelo: After developing the exam papers they failed to develop the marking key, these delayed the exams to be published. At the moment they are working overtime to develop the key so that they can release the results before end of this week. The results will not be audited because there is no time. There is poor management at BEC.

Eyman King Job Eyman: The service is good, and is improving every year for the best!! I wish it could be like that in all The Government Sectors, because some are wonders in terms of service delivery!! If I am to give (an) example - The DTEF!!   Anyway big ups to the BEC.  Wish any other department could copy what you do, in terms of service delivery and paste it in their offices and departments.

Tsietso Joe Ramaretlwa: BEC is not doing their job efficiently and this drives to someone questioning... a mme pampiri tsa bana di tshwaiwa sentle ka matsetseleko kante ke sogwasogwana, its either BEC e gotlhana le barutabana or BEC iikgotlha ka boyone e palelwa ke go ntsha maduo a bana.

Sebastian Elijah Salim Mosimanemotho: Mongwe o robetse mo tirong.  Ke ipotsa gore a monna wa 5D's ga a bone kana education is not his priority, ene o mo go phakiseng dikobo,diradio le go ora mello.

Sally Mokgautsi Makwati: Tota the service is annoyingly poor and this is going to affect the academic progression of this country, the time the Form Five results are released the semester in school will be in the middle... something should be done. Fixie Eff: I think this is a result of poor business process reengineering, a new system is supposed to be better than the old one, otherwise you can't implement a new system that's worse, they should go back to the drawing board.

Kabo Tshiamo: u c in botswana we reward mediocrity very well...rite now results for jc should be out but no they r still sitting in their offices doing nothin..after the 2010 debacle u will think these people will get it right...but no there was no lessons learnt...that's

Botswana for u.(sic)

Atamelang Themba: Honest truth, ever since (the) establishment of BEC, exams and results have been marred with controversy. We've never had stories when exams were run by ERTD!  BEC was supposed to make things a lot easier and much better. This however is not the case. I honestly don't understand why BEC should still be in operation. BEC should be dissolved!

Ontwetse Gaotsenelelwe: The main problem with BEC is lack of its own full time human resource depending on cheap labour provided by desperate teachers. It's high time BEC has its own full time human resource just like other parastatals like BTC and BPC.

Our education system has suffered enough already and surely we cannot let BEC compromise it again. Surely our curriculum implementation can't thrive on temporary labour year-after-year.

George Managoba Jr: BEC should stop hiding behind the installation of the new system, it has now become evident that BEC is inefficient. And if at all they blame the "new system" is the same thing going to happen all over again next year. Clearly with the late release of the results we can all agree they have not adapted to the new system (the system which is supposedly to make things more efficient). Mind you this is not the first time BEC is releasing the results late, the only difference this time around is that they have a different reason to sugarcoat their inefficiencies. It's a shame.

Fortunate Mongwakx: Since their take over from the Ministry of Education and Skills Development BEC has failed on many occasions to show commitment and competence in their work. The release of results is always delayed and there has been drastic decline in performance from PSLE to BGCSE.

Until now they are giving some silly excuses blaming (it) on the new technology...the mock exams are the ones used for trials not the final exams. My piece of advice to them is that they have to make preparations well in time and they have to involve some relevant stakeholders to assist them not to do everything on their own.

Khumoyame Emmanuel Kefeletswe Mogotsi: With the results of JCE set to be released, they should revert to the old system. It is clear that the new system gave them nightmares, and even took a toll on their festive season!
If they were in a country that takes itself and its people seriously some could be jobless! The public have lost hope and trust.  Parents and PSLE candidates were frustrated by the new system. Why change a working system?

BEC should act more professional and announce the dates which they will release results. We are tired of guess work and possibility. Just as they set dates for exams, they should do the same with examination results!

These are small and simple things, which do not need protocol!  It is starting to give me nightmares that international universities will soon take our qualifications lightly as every time before the release of exams, (the) BEC office has to be a field office for journalists, attracting bad publicity.

Come on, you can do better!

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