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Tuesday 9 January 2007    
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Arts/Culture Review
Honeymoon Over For Miss Botswana

By Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

1/9/2007 3:29:37 PM (GMT +2)

The honeymoon is over and hard work now begins for the new Miss Botswana, Malebogo Marumoagae.

Hardly three months since she was crowned, the 23-year-old Miss Botswana , now finds the harsh realities of life staring her straight in the face. She says she has woken up to multiple problems that have forced her to play the roles of both the queen and the promoter of her activities.

Marumoagae, who recently completed her degree in Economics and Population Studies with the University of Botswana, says her program of activities, which are supposed to make her profile for the Miss World Pageant, have not yet taken off. What makes her work even more challenging is the fact that she does not have transport to use in carrying out her responsibilities.

Marumoagae told ShowTime that although it was initially said that a local car dealer would assist in terms of transport, she has since learnt that the agreement is not a binding one. She explained that the car dealer only pledged to drive the queen around twice a month, if there is a car available for the duty. "It is a very loose arrangement that one cannot bank on," she explained.

Marumoagae said it would be ideal to have transport available for her every day so that she is able to run her affairs smoothly and timeously. For this reason, Marumoagae said she has now decided to start courting potential sponsors for a car. She has even started drawing up her program of action as the beauty queen.

As a graduate in Population Studies, Marumoagae says she intends to tailor her Miss Botswana profile for rural women and the girl child. Her theme, she says, will be "Gender and Reproduction Health". It would cover four areas: women in Sports, child abuse, education, and HIV/AIDS.

The program would target women and girls in the rural areas, meaning it would require a lot of travelling around." I would continue to do other works of charity that are associated with the pageant, but my core profile would be modeled around gender and reproductive health, and I would need the support of all the stakeholders as it is a mammoth task," she said from her home.

She said she would also need the support of the corporate community to fund her activities and so she is lacing up her boots to go and knock on potential sponsors' doors.

"The way things are going, I don't think anything would take off if I do not stand up and initiate things, because at the moment everything is in a mess, really," said a frustrated Marumoagae.

As Miss Botswana, it was also announced at the prize giving ceremony held at the GICC that she would be given a house for her entire reign. She has not moved into the house because the house is still under renovation. Other prizes include P8000 worth of clothing from Topline, at P1000 a month, as well as P10 000 worth of furniture from Home Corp. Send us your comments about Mmegi newspaper Search For Old Newspaper Editions To advertise contact us through email

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