Vol.23 No.162

Friday 27 October 2006    
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Is it that time for the opposition to reassert its disunity again?
It is almost predictable that halfway between one general election and the next, initial attempts by Opposition parties to create a united front soon after the BDP's substantial victory at whatever latest election, largely by gaining seats through split opposition votes - are once again abandoned, so again yielding an unearned, excessively large, victory to the BDP at the following election, by the same old process.

Opposition Politics (II)
Ever since the idea of opposition cooperation was mooted, and talks gained momentum, there have been differing views with regards the viability of the project. Needless to say that some people from across the political spectrum, including those from the major opposition parties BNF and BCP were from the onset doubtful if it was worth going into the talks.

Ban corporal punishment in our schools
Permit me to air my experiences as a student in one of the public schools in my country Botswana about corporal punishment. Firstly what meaning can an ordinary being like me attribute to a teacher who always comes with a cane for a 40-50 minutes lesson? Are students always indisciplined? Can't students learn without being lashed for a day?


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