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Friday 27 October 2006    
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Arts/Culture Review
International Baccalaureate Art Exhibition
Art is arguably one of the most powerful mediums of expression available and artists use it to make graphic expressions of their emotions. This can be fury, joy or depression. They use their talent to shape and to give colour to their feelings and impressions of the world they live in and, at times, the world that they fantasize about.

'Where are we? Alive in Hell!'
"World Trade Center" (2006) is at the New Capital Cinemas. This is a movie based on the premise that we should honour the living. It is the true story of two policemen and their families. Will Jimeno (acted by Michael Pe-a, who starred in "Crash") has served for six years, has a wife, Allison (Maggie Gyllenhaal), one daughter and another on the way. Each acquiesces to the other's choice of a name for their next daughter. Not very dramatic, but human and emotional in the context of all the suffering around them.

'In dreams begin lies, my son'
Peter Orner (2006) "The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo: A Novel". New York, Little Brown, 311 pages, hardcover, US$23.95 or UKŁ11.59, ISBN 0-316-73580-9. Available at Exclusive Books, Riverwalk.


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