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Arts/Culture Review
Letlhafula - keeping our culture alive

Staff Writer

5/27/2006 12:17:18 PM (GMT +2)

While we are living in a society that has evolved so much from traditional ways of passing time, to watching television, there is still hope in culture preservation with such initiatives as Letlhafula.

This year's annual cultural event will be held tomorrow at the Botswanacraft. While many might have reservations about the evolution that has rendered most children who grow up in urban areas 'television children', there are still a number of local activities which serve to keep the Setswana tradition going. Letlhafula is no doubt one of the biggest annual events to celebrate Setswana culture with the varying customs from tribe to tribe. Letlhafula offers both children and adults a platform not only to celebrate their culture - but also to learn activities practised by other tribes and sample traditional food, even those otherwise ancient to their time and maybe their tribes. The festival also features traditional activities, which seem to be slowly fading amongst the young generations especially those who grew up in urban areas. In addition to the cultural traditional dances, local artists, including veteran musician, Ndingo Johwa, Punah Gabasiane, and Lister Boleseng, will treat attendees to a variety of music. Over the years, Letlhafula has tried to feature traditional activities including games used to pass time in the olden days, like 'Koi', 'Mmele,' 'Morabaraba'. Even though the event may not feature all the traditional dances and music, it certainly tries to bring back a little of that feeling. Mogwana Traditional Troupe is Botswanacraft's partner at Letlhafula and promises an exceptional performance again this year. This event provides a platform for many to learn about dances by other tribes, including dances like 'Tsutsube' a dance predominantly from Kgalagadi, Central and Northern Botswana and Patshana a dance popular amongst the Balete, which is performed on a slate (Patshana). The event will also feature a display of traditional food like 'Bogobe Jwa Ting' 'Bogobe Jwa Lerotse', 'Seswaa' and 'Mokwechepe'. Send us your comments about Mmegi newspaper Search For Old Newspaper Editions To advertise contact us through email

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