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Horror As Police Fish Out Body Parts From Latrines

Peter Madiya
1/10/2005 2:55:09 PM (GMT +2)

FRANCISTOWN: Residents of Phase Six location were shocked last Friday afternoon by the grisly find of decomposed and dismembered body parts of a middle-aged woman.

A joint team of the police, military and municipal fire-fighters acted swiftly after a tip-off to retrieve the body parts that were thrown into three separate pit latrines.

Pain and shock was written on the faces of curios onlookers who bayed for the blood of whoever was responsible for the act. Masked Francistown City Council (FCC) fire-fighters brought the human pieces to the surface as the foul smell from the low-income toilets became unbearable. An FCC bulldozer brought down one of the toilets to make it possible to remove the parts. A torso emerged from one toilet. A head with hands from the second toilet and two legs were fished from the third one. A woman broke down in tears on seeing the horrific find.

Residents became suspicious when strong and putrid smells started coming out of their latrines last Wednesday. "We took it for granted and we bought some toilet air freshener to kill the offensive smell," said a woman.

The following day, they decided to report the unpleasant smell to the landlady. Little was she aware that her other two neighbours were experiencing the same smell from their pit latrines.

"In the evening the following day I went to pay rent to the landlady? I then told her about the smell and we agreed that she would come the next day to inspect the pit latrine," she explained.

The landlady inspected the toilet and was shocked by the smell. "One of our neighbours saw us inspecting the toilet and she revealed that her toilet was also smelling horribly. The third neighbour who is a soldier arrived and complained of the smell," she said.

It was then decided that the lid should be removed from the latrine to inspect the pit. The effort revealed decomposed human body parts. The police were then summoned to the scene. After the body parts were fished out, they were buried at Gerald Estates Cemetery.

Meanwhile there are reports that a child has reported that his mother told him that she has thrown an ant-bear into the toilet and people should not be worried by the smell. The child alleged that on December 31, a middle-aged woman visited his father, a traditional healer of Zimbabwean origin, but he never saw the client coming out from the consultation room.

The younger sister to the mother of the child confided to Monitor that on the morning of January 1, her sister and the husband packed their bags and directed her to take care of their children since they were visiting a patient in Orapa and she was taken aback by the sense of urgency. She said her sister repeated the directions over and over as if she was a person going for good.

Officer Commanding Francistown police district, Senior Superintendent Boikhutso Dintwa, was not in a position to comment on the reports fearing that it could compromise investigations.

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