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Arts/Culture Review
A piecing together of fragments

6/24/2004 2:15:54 AM (GMT +2)

THE morning after his one-man show Fragments, which was hosted this weekend in a secluded room Maru a Pula School (MAP) calls the Moving Space, Showbiz caught up with 18-year-old Leungo Donald Molosi, with a usual curiosity.

Having witnessed a stellar performance, it was certain he'd give no less than a colourful interview and maybe share a discerning view of performing arts in Botswana. Perhaps a little misdirected, but the aim that day was to confirm that the enthusiasm of the audience was not staged.

It seemed the audience of less than 30, thoroughly enjoyed the talents of Molosi, as he flowed in and out of rather disconnected characters. Each one quite eager to offer insight on arguably the most misunderstood member in every society-the modern teenager.

"We're in transition from traditional values to modernity so our mentalities tend to be like fragments that don't fit together - it's a bewildering place to be," he explains.

The more memorable characters include a slick-tongued boy who confronts his father feeling he has compromised his 'real self' for the family's reputation, while an ill-fated psychologist observes that parents were afraid of being role models to their children. But he admits the appalled maid who gossips about the spoilt kids she takes care of, was his favourite to impersonate. Unfortunately, the poetry he recited between characters, although a great time-filler seemed to come less naturally to the actor but luckily did not mar his show.

On what inspired his latest creation, Molosi feels there is great demand for local material. He says Batswana are ever exposed to foreign theatre with characters that do not necessarily echo the experience of Batswana.

"The truths that came out of the production were truths that were real to me," he says about his concentration on a teenage theme. Although he has performed in numerous school productions, he admits that Fragments, was the hardest thing he had ever done.

Molosi is currently studying for his A levels at MAP, after having completed a course with a distinction in Drama. He leaves in September to pursue studies in Drama and IT Business, at the Taft Academy in Connecticut, USA . Many in the crowd were also members of The Company, a local theatre group, and were there to show their support-which might explain the overwhelming applause. Molosi and The Company will be performing at an arts festival in Grahamstown later in the month.

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